Prizes | Evaluation

Prizes 2025

Folgende Preise werden ausgeschrieben:


1st prize: 7,000 €
2nd prize: 5,000 €
3rd prize: 3,500 €


1st prize: 7,000 €
2nd prize: 5,000 €
3rd prize: 3,500 €

In the event that the prize winner is resident abroad and is not subject to taxation in Germany, the income tax regulations according to § 50 a EStG will be observed by IIW Markneukirchen and any tax deductions will be deducted and paid before the prize money is paid out.

The award ceremony will take place on 17 May 2025, 7.00 p.m., in concert at the Musikhalle Markneukirchen.
All prizes are to be received in person.

The 1st prize winners will receive the title: "1st prize winner of the International Instrumental Competition Markneukirchen 2025".
The 2nd and 3rd prize winners are entitled to use the title: "Prize Winner of the International Instrumental Competition Markneukirchen 2025".
The participants of the 3rd selection examination will receive diplomas.
The best piano accompanists may be awarded a diploma upon proposal of the jury.

Special prizes


prizewinner chosen by the orchestra
Concert engagement with the Chursächsische Philharmonie Bad Elster
donated by Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH Bad Elster

all prizewinners   
book award „Weltweit“

Further special prizes and concert engagements may be awarded. The special prizes will be awarded directly by the donors or sponsors. There is no legal claim against the organiser.


The evaluation is carried out by a jury of renowned soloists and teachers from Germany and abroad.
The jury works according to jury rules. Decisions once made are irrevocable. Legal recourse is excluded.
During the competition, candidates may neither be advised nor taught by jurors.
The following will be judged:

  • musical shaping (knowledge of style and authentic performance practice)
  • sound quality and expressiveness
  • technical skill
  • artistic personality

Judging will be based on criteria expected of young soloists of appropriate artistic maturity.

Following the jury deliberations, the names of those participants who have reached the next round will be announced to the candidates by the chairman of the overall jury. The announcement will be made in the order of the performances. Scores or placings will not be announced.
If a contestant who has been eliminated wishes to be consulted about his/her performance, the chairman of the panel of judges and jurors should be available. No information about scores will be given in these discussions. Candidates should be informed of this possible advice.
The jury may suspend the awarding of prizes. The jury alone decides on the awarding of prizes. Prizes may, but need not, be awarded.